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As predicted, we had a blast on Friday at the 1st Annual ESG Office Employee Appreciation Dinner! Each owner that was present got a chance to pump up their office staff, and our very own May did a great job cheering on the companies that weren’t able to make it. I’m sure they will hear how much fun we all had and make it to the next one. The food was wonderful and we were all completely stuffed by the time we hit out talking points. We had a rousing conversation about client relations and another one on referrals. Valerie, W.T. Anderson’s own front woman, might just have had some of the best ideas and therefore the biggest pile of raffle tickets. Though I think Nicole from Norfolk Plumbing was close on her heals. By the time the dessert rolled around just about everyone had won a raffle and all of our swag had been distributed. Great things were definitely happening, the best of which was simply getting to know each other and forming a better sense of community. Thank you everyone who came out!